Business environment

Internal growth factors

In 2010, the development directions and activities of Grupa LOTOS were defined by the Company’s key projects – the completion of the 10+ Programme and formulation of a new strategy for 2011– 2015, along with development directions until 2020.

Program 10+

The 10+ Programme, whose total cost is expected to exceed PLN 5bn, involves the expansion of the Company’s refinery in Gdańsk. It is one of the largest projects of this kind in Europe. In 2010, it was completed, and the last facilities constructed as part of the Programme entered the commissioning phase in early 2011. With the completion of the 10+ Programme, Grupa LOTOS has joined the group of Europe's leading refineries in terms of processing capacities and technological capabilities, as its production mix has shifted towards a greater share of highly marketable, high-margin products. This will improve the long-term competitiveness of the Gdańsk refinery, laying down the foundations for the Company's growth over the next dozen or so years.

The success of the 10+ Programme provides a solid basis from which to develop a new strategy of Grupa LOTOS, focused on intensified activity in the E&P and marketing areas.

Business strategy

Our strategy calls for mitigating the negative environmental impact and valuing the intellectual capital of our employees.