Business profile and scope

The LOTOS Group is a leader in production and sales of engine oils, modified bitumens and paraffin in Poland.


Two subsidiaries of the LOTOS Group are domiciled abroad: in Lithuania - LOTOS Baltija and in Norway - LOTOS E&P Norge AS.

Key risks, opportunities and challenges in the context of sustainable development

Compared to 2009, some of the operating, financial and market-related risks were relatively reduced.

Market activities

In the Most Valuable Polish Brands ranking published by the Rzeczpospolita daily, the value of the LOTOS brand was estimated at PLN 675m in 2010 - an increase of 9.8% as compared to 2009.

    Management approach

    Marketing activities are carried out by the LOTOS Group’s parent company – Grupa LOTOS, as well as subsidiaries: LOTOS Paliwa, LOTOS Tank, LOTOS Oil, LOTOS Asfalt, LOTOS Parafiny and LOTOS Kolej.

    Overview of achievements

    In 2010, Grupa LOTOS solidified its market position and reputation as a stable and reliable business partner, offering products of the highest quality.

    Development plans

    The development plans for the marketing segment in 2011 are focused around the segment-related objectives set out in the corporate strategy for 2011–2015.