Operating segment

Management approach

The LOTOS Group’s operating segment is focused on carrying out refining operations and supplying the market with high quality products, while making optimum use of its production capacities and mitigating the environment impact.

In line with the LOTOS Group’s new strategy until 2015, the segment will focus on effective utilisation of the refining capacities expanded as part of the 10+ Programme, further increase of the conversion ratio and optimum exploitation of synergies between the refining and power generation sectors.

The LOTOS Group’s strategic objectives for the operating area are:

  • to achieve the world-class standards of production and maintain a strong competitive position among European refineries,
  • to make optimum use of assets held and acquired as part of its growth strategy,
  • to ensure safe and stable operation of the production and ancillary facilities, as measured by the minimum availability of 98% during the year,
  • to further increase the conversion ratio and intensify processing.

In order to meet the ever stricter environmental requirements, the LOTOS Group adopts pro-environmental development criteria and the best available techniques, combined with solutions featuring low emissions and high production efficiency. This relates both to the production process itself and its output in the form of environmentally-friendly product streams. The degree to which these objectives are met will be confirmed by an indicator placing Grupa LOTOS among the safest refineries in Europe.

The LOTOS Group’s operating segment comprises the operations of the Gdańsk refinery and of subsidiaries involved in production or support functions. These include: LOTOS Czechowice, LOTOS Jasło, LOTOS Serwis, LOTOS Lab and LOTOS Straż. The refinery operated by Grupa LOTOS is the largest of the LOTOS Group’s production plants.



The LOTOS Group is divided into the marketing, operational, exploration and production, and management segments.

Business strategy

Our strategy calls for mitigating the negative environmental impact and valuing the intellectual capital of our employees.