Mission, vision, values

The core values of corporate social responsibility of the LOTOS Group are transparency, openness, innovativeness and responsibility.


The LOTOS Group is divided into the marketing, operational, exploration and production, and management segments.

Management systems

The management approach in Grupa LOTOS assumes continuous improvement of the organisation. In 2010, the Company initiated its periodical Organisational Maturity Assessment, which included the evaluation of implemented management systems.

    Management approach

    For Grupa LOTOS, being certified with the Integrated Management System is not a goal in its own right. We also take steps which allow for attaining tangible values from the implemented systems. The standards provide universal solutions increasing the chance of finding added value, thus making the implemented system effective and more useful.

    Internal Control System

    The Internal Control System in Grupa LOTOS is a set of organisational and procedural solutions regarding the whole organisation as well as of procedures determining the functioning of the individual processes. The system guarantees the organised and effective conduct of the Company’s activities in line with its business objectives and in compliance with legal and internal regulations.

    Main changes to the systems and key projects executed in 2010

    Grupa LOTOS strives to reach the expected level of professionalisation of its organisational culture. This factor determines its chances of succeeding in protecting and building stakeholder value.

    Development plans

    In 2011, the Company will continue to work on its current and newly implemented projects which respond to the requirements of the internal process of organisational improvement.