Consolidated non-financial statement

Grupa LOTOS declares to have reached Level A within the three-level reporting system of GRI Application Levels.

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The 2010 consolidated non-financial statement has been prepared based on the Reporting Framework and Version 3 of the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines (G3 GRI). Grupa LOTOS is at the Application Level A1 in the three-level reporting system.

GRI application level C C+ B B+ A A+
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This statement provides an overview of the LOTOS Group activities in the financial year 2010. It also covers important corporate events occurring in the first three months of 2011, that is shortly before the report release date.

This consolidated non-financial statement is the fourth in a series of publications which present the non-financial aspects of the LOTOS Group’s operations. A sustainability overview formed an integral part of the 2009 Annual Report, which was the first integrated report ever released by a Polish company. It received accolades in the 2010 best social report competition organised by PwC, the Responsible Business Forum and CSR Consulting. The distinction was granted in recognition of the successful incorporation of social and environmental reporting into the corporate reporting system, as well as for the LOTOS Group’s determination to prepare integrated corporate reports encompassing the financial and non-financial aspects of its activities. This Annual Report is a continuation of the adopted practice, but at the same time the scope of its non-financial section has been extended to include the exploration and production company, LOTOS Petrobaltic in addition to the parent Grupa LOTOS and its service and distribution subsidiaries, which were covered by the 2009 report.

The previous reports are available at

The Management Board of Grupa LOTOS resolved to start publishing reports on the progress in the implementation of the CSR strategy on a yearly basis.

The Office for Sponsorship, Social Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility is in charge of coordinating the sustainability reporting processes at the LOTOS Group. Interested parties may contact the Office at For further contact details, see the closing sections of the report..

1 The individual Application Levels were assigned the letters from C (lowest grade), through C+ (where “+” is given if the report has been verified by an independent external certification body) B, B+, A to A+. The reporting criteria used for each level measure the extent to which the Guidelines and the GRI Reporting Framework have been applied.

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