Mission, vision, values

The core values of corporate social responsibility of the LOTOS Group are transparency, openness, innovativeness and responsibility.

Our mission is to pursue innovation-oriented sustainable development in the areas of exploration, production and processing of hydrocarbons and marketing of high- quality products, which is conducive to creating lasting value for shareholders, fully meeting customer expectations, enhancing and leveraging the employee potential, and which is carried out in compliance with the energy security policy, with due regard paid to the welfare of local communities and the natural environment.

We hope to emerge as the most reputable oil company in the Baltic Sea region, widely recognised for:

  • high-quality petroleum products,
  • best-quality customer service, and
  • professional management style.

The overriding strategic objective pursued by the LOTOS Group is to create value for shareholders through optimised utilisation of human and material resources and implementation of development programmes in the field of:

  • exploration and production,
  • crude processing,
  • marketing.

We declare the intention to pursue strategic goals in compliance with corporate social responsibility principles. Our commitment towards local communities and the environment is to ensure that no social or environmental damage is caused by our activities. We also assume responsibility for our products towards the government, market participants, business partners, customers and employees. This sense of responsibility is inherent in our corporate management strategy.

In all areas of our activity, we endorse and abide by the ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, a voluntary international corporate citizenship initiative of unprecedented reach. As the initiative’s participant, the Company has committed to:

  1. support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights,
  2. make sure that it is not complicit in human rights abuses,
  3. uphold the freedom of association,
  4. eliminate all forms of forced or compulsory labour,
  5. support the effective abolition of child labour,
  6. effectively eliminate discrimination in respect of employment and occupation,
  7. support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges,
  8. undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility,
  9. encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally-friendly technologies,
  10.  work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

The scope and implementation of our CSR commitments are presented in the consolidated non-financial statement, which for the second consecutive time forms a part of the Company’s annual report.

The core values of corporate social responsibility have much in common with the needs, concerns and challenges we managed to identify through a dialogue with key stakeholders who have the power to influence our current and future activities:

transparency stands for compliance with the most exacting environmental standards, commitment to ethical and fair competition, and counteracting human rights abuses.
openness stands for the right attitude towards change, external needs and expectations, future-oriented approach, and dynamic growth on the domestic market and beyond.
innovativeness stands for appreciation of intellectual capital and recognition of skills and competencies offered by the employees, who are the driving power of our brand’s success, and by members of local communities.
responsibility stands for the right attitude towards mankind and its future, the environment, our home country and its security at an international level.


Our CSR efforts are focused around four major stakeholder groups:

internal environment: employees, subsidiaries, and the unions,

market environment: foreign and domestic counterparties, business partners, subcontractors, trade organisations, certification and licensing authorities, and peer companies,

social environment: shareholders, investors, local communities, government agencies, non-governmental organisations, consumers and consumer protection organisations, customers, employer organisations and the media,

natural environment: the biosphere, environmental organisations, and inhabitants residing in the vicinity of our production facilities and petrol stations.


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