Business profile and scope

The LOTOS Group is a leader in production and sales of engine oils, modified bitumens and paraffin in Poland.


Two subsidiaries of the LOTOS Group are domiciled abroad: in Lithuania - LOTOS Baltija and in Norway - LOTOS E&P Norge AS.

Key risks, opportunities and challenges in the context of sustainable development

Compared to 2009, some of the operating, financial and market-related risks were relatively reduced.


Open relations with its social environment which are built on confidence and cooperation constitute an important value for the LOTOS...

The Table of Content of the GRI and the Principles of the UN Global Compact

The following table may help determine the location of content concerning specific information or performance data required by the Global...

Operating segment

The 10+ Programme is the largest CAPEX project to have ever been undertaken by the LOTOS Group and one of the largest ever in the Polish industry.

    Management approach

    The LOTOS Group’s operating segment is focused on carrying out refining operations and supplying the market with high quality products, while making optimum use of its production capacities and mitigating the environment impact.

    Overview of achievements

    The most important achievements of the LOTOS Group in the operating segment were linked to the completion of the 10+ Programme.

    Development plans

    The completion of the 10+ Programme does not mean that the Company’s operating segment will cease to develop in the years to come. A major challenge for next year will be to maximise the utilisation of operated assets.